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9th September 2019

One of our biggest fundraising events of the year, London 2 Paris, begins on Thursday 12th September in Greenwich Park and we have a number of familiar faces from the #CLFamily who are donning the lycra to raise funds for Cure Leukaemia in Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

Professor Charlie Craddock CBE - Cure Leukaemia Co-Founder

Charlie couldn't take part in 2018 but he's back in the saddle for his 3rd London 2 Paris event this year! It is safe to say that after his first L2P in 2015, Charlie caught the cycling bug and he's been training hard in between helping blood cancer patients to access poentially life-saving treatments for the disease. Good luck Charlie!

 Sponsor Charlie Here 

James McLaughlin - Cure Leukaemia CEO

An ever-present for all of our L2P rides since 2015, James will once again cucle 300 miles for Cure Leukaemia before swapping his cleats for trainers to run the Great Birmingham Run on Sunday 13th October! A regular in the 'slowcial group', James is always quite self-depricating when it comes to cycling but he's getting better every year. Good luck James!

 Sponsor James Here 

Graham Silk - Cure Leukaemia Co-Founder

Graham has returned to the team since his first L2P for Cure Leukaemia in 2015. The reason for him signing up this year was some gentle persuasion from his daughter Ali who will be cycling her first L2P this month! Good luck Graham and Ali!

 Sponsor Graham & Ali Here 

Geoff Thomas - Cure Leukaemia Patron

Geoff has achieved some extraordinary feats on two wheels but this remains one of his favourite events. He may have done this over ten times but he never tires of the amazing feeling riding into Paris on closed-roads and the camaraderie throughout the four days. Good luck Geoff!

Aidy Boothroyd - England Under-21 Football Manager

We are delighted to have Aidy back on the team this year. It is a very busy time in the football calendar so we are so grateful to him for finding time to support this event. Aidy first cycled for Cure Leukaemia in 2015 and has since helped the charity raise over £635,000 in just One Day this time last year from Deutsche Bank's salary giving initiative. Good luck Aidy!

Faheez Shafeek - Medical Student

At the time of writing, Faheez has raised a truly staggering £13,000 to take part in this event. His dad Dr Salim Shafeek, a consultant haematologist at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, was diagnosed with myeloma earlier this year and Faheez is keen to raise funds in support of him. Thankfull, Dr Shafeek is in full remission and hoping to return to work later this month. Good luck Faheez!

 Sponsor Faheez Here 

Brooke Evans - Former patient turned nurse

23-year-old Brooke has such an extraordinary story which is best explained by watching the video above. Earlier this year she didn't even have a bike and thanks to Ribble Cycles donating her one she has been able to cycle Velo Birmingham & Midlands and now London 2 Paris. She is so excited to take part in this event, good luck Brooke!

 Sponsor Brooke Here 

Mark Nicholas - Patient and CL Champion

Ever since Mark cycled Velo Birmingham for CL in 2017 just weeks before his life-saving stem cell transplant overseen by Professor Craddock he has dedicated his time to helping Cure Leukaemia in any way he can. He brought a huge team to L2P18 and this year he has brought his sister Dominique to make this year's event a real family affair! Good luck Mark!

 Sponsor Mark Here 

Doug McKinnon - Cure Leukaemia Patron

This will be Doug's 3rd L2P for Cure Leukaemia in amongst epic Tour de France and 3 Tours Challenges! Doug, alongside Geoff, has cycled thousands of miles for this charity and is now keen to complete his first L2P as a Cure Leukaemia Patron. Good luck Dougie!

Natalka Greenwood - CL Champion

Paramedic Natalka was first introduced to this brilliant event in 2018 when she joined the crew alongside her partner and former patient Adam Joyce. She was so inspired by what she witnessed last year that she has decided to swap roles and take to the saddle. Good luck Natalka!

 Sponsor Natalka Here 

In truth, we could have written paragraphs on the majority of the fantastic people cycling London 2 paris this year. We always talk of the #CLFamily and this event typifies that. It brings together over 100 people unified in their desire to raise funds to give blood cancer patients the best possible chance to beat this cruel disease. Thank you to each and every one of you taking part in this event and the very best of luck to you all!


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"Cure Leukaemia’s funding of the UK Trials Acceleration Programme (TAP) is a game-changer and increases the access for blood cancer patients to potentially transformative new therapies."

Sir John Bell