Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL)

Group of Thirty Walkers Prepare for Willow’s Walk This Weekend

Willow was diagnosed with ALL in March 2023, so parents Craig, Jess and 30 other walkers will complete a symbolic fundraising walk

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Patient Case Study: Rob Pope (Manchester)

Just seven months ago in March 2023, Robert Pope was a fit guy who looked forward to swimming, running and mountain biking in his free time, before Covid struck him down.

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Harrison Price

"The family are so proud of Harry." Read Harry Price's story

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Abigail Wells

Read Abigail Wells' story

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Katherine Boulton

Read Katherine Boulton's story

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Jaymz Goodman

'We must stop luck being the deciding factor.' Read Jaymz Goodman's story

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Brooke Evans

The Patient Who Became A Nurse. Read Brooke Evans' story

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How to help Cure Leukaemia?

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