There are 250,000 people currently living with blood cancer in the UK.
Blood cancer is the most common cancer in children and teenagers.
Blood cancer is the third biggest cancer killer.

We need to raise £5million.

Why? We want to set up a clinical trials network for children. This will deliver world class, innovative, practice changing clinical trials to improve outcomes for children with Leukaemia throughout the UK undergoing stem cell transplant and ensure these patients have access to the latest medical advances.

The network will help to kickstart clinical research studies in children with leukaemia undergoing a stem cell transplant.

Use your hatred of blood cancer to help us achieve this ambition.

Learn more about the paediatric network

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How can you get involved?


If you’re going to hate on anything, hate on Leukaemia. Hate on Blood cancer.

Rage against what it can do to your loved ones.

Hate it so much that you do want to do something.

Despise it so much that you raise money for life-saving research and innovative treatments.

How to help Cure Leukaemia?

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