Walk For Nurses | Sunday 12th May 2024

Show your support for our amazing Cure Leukaemia Research Nurses up and down the country as we celebrate their incredible work and walk together on International Nurses Day on Sunday 12th May 2024.

Grab your friends and family, plan your walking route and raise funds for Cure Leukaemia in May. It is so easy to get involved and raise funds!

Every 14 minutes, someone in the UK is diagnosed with a form of blood cancer.

Create your walking route in a way that suits you. whether that’s tackling 14,000 steps or 1.4 miles, or can you top the team from Worcester Royal Hospital who successfully completed 30 miles from Birmingham to Worcester – raising over £38,000!

We hate blood cancer.
We hate that patients and family have to go through the pain and suffering.
Use the hate to make a difference and walk with us to support our nurses.
Use the hate to end blood cancer.

Getting Started

Step 1: Sign up for free

Sign up quickly and easily for free, and setup your fundraising page.

Step 2: Choose your route

You choose the distance and location. This could be around your local park or somewhere that holds a special meaning to you.

Step 3: Spread the word

Share your fundraising page and let everyone know that you will be supporting Cure Leukaemia Research Nurses on Sunday 12th May.

Step 4: Start Fundraising

Raise as much money as you can whilst having fun with your friends, family and colleagues.

Step 5: Walk for Nurses

Enjoy your day on Sunday 12th May and raise vital funds for our Research Nurses.

What is a Cure Leukaemia Research Nurse?

Our Cure Leukaemia Research Nurses play a crucial role in the work we do, and our nurses are at the heart of the Trials Acceleration Programme (TAP).

Cure Leukaemia Research Nurses help connect patients to potentially lifesaving medicine and their role in administering these trials is vital to developing effective new treatments for blood cancers.  As a result, patients have access to new treatments, allowing them access to lifesaving new therapies. Without having Research Nurses in place, clinical trials do not happen.

Hear from the University of Oxford’s Professor of Haematology, Paresh Vyas and Cure Leukaemia Co-Founder Professor Charlie Craddock CBE about the importance of Cure Leukaemia Research Nurses.

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Walk For Nurses | Sunday 12th May 2024

How to help Cure Leukaemia?

Get Involved

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