Thanks to the incredible support of the CL Family and ongoing scientific advances in clinical trials, we are proud to be supporting patients and the continuing need to find a cure for blood cancer.

By funding research nurses across the UK, over 1400 patients receiving a transplant for blood cancer were able to enter a clinical trial in the last 5 years.  This was almost 1 in 4 patients of all patients receiving a transplant.

There is a wealth of promising new blood cancer drugs and cellular therapies being developed by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that are ready for testing in clinical trials and we are proud that the Trials Acceleration Programme (TAP) Network has become a centralised resource in helping bring these new drugs to market via clinical trials.

The TAP Network has seen a number of exciting new trials including:

PriZM+: A phase 2 study of a novel inhibitor therapy called Zanubrutinib when treating patients with a rare and aggressive B cell lymphoma involving the primary central nervous system (PCNSL) – usually the brain. This is a particularly devastating condition because it causes neurological impairment (it is a brain tumour and a blood cancer). PriZM+ has recruited well and will see its first data published at an upcoming conference in June.

AMMO: Ammo looks to help patients who are diagnosed with a form of bone marrow cancer and have overlapping syndromes – too few healthy blood cells are produced and too many blood cells are produced. One type of this condition is Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukaemia (CMML).

We are also incredibly proud to be aligned with the IMPACT Network and studies which focus on patients requiring transplants.

AMADEUS is the second largest post-transplant maintenance study in AML and closed to recruitment last March, with results expected in the Summer of 2025. MoTD has recruited over 250 patients and aims to find ways of making transplants safer by reducing the risk of complications.  Our Research Nurses have been incredibly important in helping IMPACT to recruit to this study, one of the largest transplant trials ever held in the UK.

In a first for the CL-funded TAP Network era, the Network has recently collaborated on an international study looking at a rare and difficult disease area to treat – relapsed T-Cell Lymphoma.

It is an exciting time for the TAP Network, and one that we are incredibly proud to be funding. However, this would not happen without the CL Family’s amazing support of the charity and our ambitious aspirations.