Scot Grant and a team of 8 others from Inchcape’s Colchester Showroom, will be taking on the epic challenge of climbing Snowdonia in the middle of winter later this year.

The team are tackling the incredible climb with an aim of raising £3,000 for Cure Leukaemia as part of the organisations support for the charity in 2022.

Later this year, the team will travel from Essex to Wales to climb the 1,085m tall Mount Snowdon – the tallest mountain in the UK.

Scot said to us of the decision to take this challenge on, and the motivation behind raising funds for Cure Leukaemia:

Snowdon is the tallest mountain in England and Wales so we wanted a challenge. I’m super excited! I am a very outdoors person that feels most at home when lacing up my hiking boots.

I have lost family members including my Dad to Cancer when I was just 19, and other family members to leukaemia so it is a cause close to my heart.”

A photo Scot took while on an early morning training walk

Climbing Snowdon in the winter will be tricky, and to reach the peak and walk back down, it usually takes people an average of between 5-7 hours. Scot spoke to us about how he’s been preparing for the challenge with lots of morning walks:

“Training is going great, lots of early walks across the fields and bridle paths where I live in Brightlingsea with my dog Teddy, and close friends and I am getting in some 10 mile treks on weekends.

My 9 year old daughter Munroe recently did a 5 mile walk with me as she wants to be part of the prep.

I am very lucky to have such a positive, tenacious team that didn’t need to be asked twice to join me on this “frosty” mission to climb Mount Snowdon.”

Scot and his 9 year old daughter on a walk together

So far, Scot and the rest of team have managed to raise over £1,500 – taking them over the halfway mark to their target of £3,000.

Scot has been doing lots of early morning walks, and has even been joined by his dog on occasion too.