Story written in 2015

Grandmother of two Jacqueline Dudley from Sedgley has been through over a year of treatment for leukaemia and thankfully was allowed to go home after a successful stem cell transplant at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QE) Birmingham.

Jackie has been treated by the nurses on ward 625 at the QE and a group of them are preparing to take on the Morrisons Great Birmingham Run for Cure Leukaemia this weekend.

“I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) in September 2014 and I then had intensive chemotherapy which temporarily made me better. But I still wasn’t making good stem cells and I needed a transplant.

Thankfully a wonderful lady was a match and Professor Charlie Craddock advised that I should have a transplant. It’s all gone well and today I am able to go home! I cannot thank the doctors, nurses and especially my donor enough. It is safe to say that without them, I would not be here now.”

Jackie’s husband Michael has been by her side throughout and is thrilled she can finally come home.

“It’s been really hard. I’ve always looked out for her but when she was diagnosed with blood cancer I suddenly knew there was nothing I could do to help other than supporting her. It’s been a long journey but I’m looking forward to taking Jackie home later today.”

Jackie will be cheering on the nurses in Team 625 this Sunday and she hopes they can raise lots of money for Cure Leukaemia.

“What would we do without them? They know what we are going through and they are always there to help. It’s just a given. They are fantastic. I hope they have a wonderful time on the run, I know they’ll run their socks off – I’m very proud of them. I can’t wait to get home, run a bath, put the tv on in my own bed and have the loveliest cup of tea I will ever have.”

Michael replied, “but I forgot to buy the milk!”

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