Story written in 2015

Andrew Thompson from Cannock ran the Morrisons Great Birmingham Run in 2015 for Cure Leukaemia in support of his wife of 23 years, Jenny.

Jenny has Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) and is treated on ward 625 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QE), Birmingham.

“We weren’t even sure to go to the hospital back in March. Jenny had a bad cold and had been feeling under the weather but we never imagined it could have been blood cancer. We nearly left A & E but thank goodness we didn’t.

The doctor Jenny eventually saw recognised there could be a serious problem and from that point, it happened incredibly fast. Jenny was diagnosed with AML and admitted to New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton.”

Jenny, they went through gruelling chemotherapy treatment before a donor was found and she had a stem cell transplant at the QE. Fingers crossed it has gone well and we can start to look to the future.

It has been an incredibly difficult time for all of us but I have to mention how fantastic the doctors and nurses have been throughout. I know that a few years ago the prognosis for Jenny wouldn’t have been a good one, but thanks to charities like Cure Leukaemia we have hope that Jenny will recover.

It was Jenny’s 50th birthday this year and we’ve obviously not celebrated it properly. We’re looking forward to doing so next year.”