This September, during both Blood Cancer Awareness Month and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, two parents at Hutchesons’ Grammar School in Glasgow are holding a three-day event, Liv 4 Daniel 13 for 13 to raise awareness of childhood cancer and leukaemia, and to help raise vital funds.

The three-day event is being organised by two Hutchie school parents – Allan Dickson, whose daughter Liv, S4, recently completed more than two years of gruelling treatment for Leukaemia, and Brian Caplan.
Brian’s son Daniel was diagnosed with a DIPG tumour while in 5th year. DIPG is a terminal brain cancer and tragically Daniel died in November 2020, just seven months after his diagnosis.

The 13 for 13 is significant because 13 children a day are diagnosed with cancer in the UK.


As well as being Blood Cancer Awareness Month, September is also Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and the pair hope to raise thousands by inviting people to sign up to do a variety of ’13 for 13′ challenges during the event which takes place on Friday 15th – Sunday 17th September.


All money raised will be split equally between the Doing it For Daniel Foundation, the charity set up by Brian and Alison Caplan, and Cure Leukaemia, the charity Liv and Allan work closely with and the school’s current charity partner.

You can get involved in a variety of different ways at the school this weekend, with several different activities being set up for the children, parents, and supporters to get involved in.

  • Ride a static bike in the gym for 13k, 13 miles or 13 minutes
  • Run around the track for 1.3 km/miles, 13 laps, 13km or 13 minutes
  • Walk around the track for 1.3 km/miles, 13 laps or 13km or 13 minutes

You can also get involved remotely, on Zwift, Peloton, Strava by riding, running or walking 13 laps, KMs/ miles at home throughout the month of September.