A group of school children in Glasgow will be taking on the Glasgow Kiltwalk on April 30th, walking 3 miles to raise vital funds for Cure Leukaemia.

The walk will see the team of children walk 3 miles, and will be the biggest Glasgow Kiltwalk.

There’s a total of 26 team members, who all go to Hutcheson Grammar School in Glasgow, and have called themselves The Hutchie Kiltwalkers after the name of the school they all go to.

Aayan, one of the team walkers taking part, spoke to us about how he’s feeling ahead of the walk and taking on the walk with all of his school friends.


“I took part in the Kiltwalk last year for my school charity. It made me feel good to help a charity. Then on the actual day of the walk there was so many people and lots of loud music.
I got a bit nervous but it turned out to be so much fun and I got a really cool medal.
Lots of people supported me too to raise lots of money. It was very good.”

Aayan and his friends all go to the Hutcheson Grammar School in Glasgow, who choose Cure Leukaemia to be their charity of the year for the year 2022 – 2023 after a student at the school was recently treated for leukaemia.


“When I heard that this year our school charity was Cure Leukaemia, I didn’t really understand what the charity was for.
Then in school, we learnt more about it and I found out that someone in my school sadly has Leukaemia and so I decided that I was going to walk the Kiltwalk again for my school charity but this time I thought it would be more fun if I invited my friends to join me.
I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to join me but I am so, so happy that we now have a team of 26! We are called The Hutchie Kiltwalkers.

I’ve been trying to get some training walks in by walking to school and to my hockey club but in the Easter holidays I’m going to try and go for longer walks.

The thing I’m most excited about is walking the Kiltwalk with my friends and hopefully raising lots and lots of money for Cure Leukaemia.”

Rachel Jack, another one of the children taking on the walk, had to say:

“I’m really excited to raise some money and have fun with my friends”.


Rachel has also been out on a few training walks in preparation for taking on the challenge, and recently went on a walk near Whitelee Wind Farm.