Shaun Steer, who has been undergoing treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) for the past two years, is back to take on his annual charity stream to raise funds for Cure Leukaemia.

Shaun was first diagnosed with AML on 21st April 2020 after a trip to A&E to investigate what was thought to be a ‘chest infection’.
After being diagnosed, Shaun was then required to start treatment as soon as possible, and was transferred to Canterbury Hospital’s Braeburn Ward, but unfortunately Shaun then tested positive for Covid-19.

He was then transferred to the University College London Hospital and taken to a specialised Covid ward, but he then started to become seriously ill, and was transferred to Intensive Care and placed into a medically induced coma for the next three weeks.

Whist battling Covid, Shaun still had to start treatment for his AML, and was placed onto a clinical trial which was able to be administered whilst he was in his coma.

Months later, and Shaun was finally given the news in March 2021 that he was in remission, all before receiving the blow that the leukaemia had come back in November 2021.
Shaun then went on to receive a bone marrow transplant in April 2022, which he is still recovering from to this day.

Last year, Shaun wanted to give something back to the charity, and first took on this streaming challenge last year, managing to raise an impressive £670.

He spoke about his motivations at the time:

“I have been a Crystal Palace supporter from birth and, growing up, my favourite player was Geoff Thomas.

“Knowing his problems with leukaemia and the amazing work he has done to raise funds for Cure Leukaemia I wanted to follow suit. He is inspirational and a big reason why I’m determined to do what I can for the charity.

“The problem is my fitness is nowhere near good enough right now to do anything cycling-related as Geoff has done.

So, I thought ‘what is something I know I can do?’ Having previously done a charity stream on Twitch, I thought ‘why not go for it again.”

Shaun will once again be taking on the challenge this year, and will complete a minimum of 12 hours streaming on the 28th November 2022.
He said of taking on the challenge again:

“Since I was diagnosed with leukaemia in April 2020 my whole life has been flipped.
Every day is a struggle but if it wasn’t for the work in clinical trials and being able to have a bone marrow transplant, I wouldn’t be here now to keep on fighting.
I want to give something back as I’m so grateful to them and the work they do.”


This is the second time Shaun has taken on this annual challenge, and he said of the fundraising target:


“The total from last year which ended up being £670. Was quite proud of that as I wasn’t expecting to raise as much as that.”


Shaun has set himself a personal target of raising £500 for the charity but would love to match, if not beat, his total of last year.