In just under four months’ time, Martha Griffin will take to the start line of the 2024 Paris Marathon with her Mother firmly in her thoughts, ahead of the impending 26.2 miles.

Martha’s Mother, Penny, was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) back in May 2021 and received regular treatment for the next six months to keep the blood cancer at bay. Although the CLL is not curable, the treatment received at Kingsmill Hospital in Nottingham has been incredibly successful in allowing her to live a “normal” lifestyle – whilst receiving regular check-ups and occasional treatment when required.

“The type of treatment my mum received was a relatively new drug. It was non-invasive and had a good success rate. Essentially it saved her life and has enabled her to lead a life that allows her to feel free and enjoy her favourite hobbies outside walking or hiking.”

“Without the treatment my mum received she might be in a very different way. I am so thankful for the new drug and am really keen for the trial and development of new drugs within the blood cancer research to continue, as it is likely that she will need further treatment in years to come.”

Penny continues to live life to the full and regularly enjoys climbing mountains and going on adventures with Martha. This ethos has inspired Martha to push her body to the limit in what will be her first marathon. She will be cheered along the way by Penny, her Father and her brother in what will be an emotional day in Paris.

“A few months ago, my Mum told me that she didn’t take anything for granted anymore, whereas before she didn’t used to think anything of being able to go for a hike. But now every time she does, she is so grateful of what her body allows her to do and the freedom it gives her.

“This inspired to me to see what my body is capable of, but in a way that was more meaningful and could make a direct difference to her life and other peoples.”

“It is a sort of celebration and acknowledgment of how amazing it is to be able to move my body and push myself in a way that I haven’t before.

“I want to run it for her because she is my superhero! I would love to raise money, and awareness of the condition and charity, for such an important cause and a wonderful woman.”

You can join Martha on the start line in Paris for just £20, click here join us for our Paris Marathon debut