Ace vlogger extraordinaire Jess Hempshall is stepping up her fundraising efforts for Cure Leukaemia by aiming to raise even more awareness during Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

Jess, one of Cure Leukaemia’s Fantastic fundraisers, produced a video blog every day last September to mark Blood Cancer Awareness Month, and then set about an even bigger challenge: Vlogging for every single day of 2018, a feat which Jess is currently well on course to completing heading into the final four months of the year.

Now, at the start of Blood Cancer Awareness Month, Jess has set up a new fundraising page for people wishing to support her daily vlogs by making a donation to Cure Leukaemia.

“I first started wanting to support Cure Leukaemia when the charity helped save the life of my friend Fiona back in 2014,” says Jess.

“Thankfully, Fiona was given the all-clear last year after three years in remission.

“Since then I have been involved in various activities to raise funds, including donating 12 inches of my hair, writing a charity book called ‘All You Need is Blood’, and now this ‘A Vlog A Day’ challenge, posting a vlog every day on YouTube.

“I might talk about various subjects, from thanking people for their fundraising, to showing any current patients out there how much support they have, and also to try and raise awareness of leukaemia and the fantastic work which the charity is involved in.

“Through the fundraising I have done for Cure Leukaemia, I have got to know, and have met, many of the patients who have benefitted from the money that has been raised.

“Being able to see the difference that fundraising can make is truly amazing.

“Doing these vlogs and trying to make sure I mention everyone who supports Cure Leukaemia can be challenging at times, but hopefully it will inspire and encourage others to give a little something to one of the most incredible and wonderful charities that I know.

“I just hope that people who are tuning in are not getting too fed up of seeing my face every day!”