Scott Tanser will be joined by family and friends to take part in our annual Copa Del Cure Leukaemia football tournament to raise funds after his 3 year old niece Willow was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

Scott shared the harrowing journey that Willow’s family went through and that ultimately led to be her being diagnosed with a form of leukaemia.

“On the 10th March we were given the news that no family can imagine or want ever have to process. Our beautiful, dainty, unicorn loving 3 year old niece Willow had been diagnosed with ALL.

This news came 1 week after Willow’s 3rd birthday, after a few trips backwards and forwards from the GPs with her concerned mom and dad Jess and Craig, who, knowing their daughter more than anyone knew that something wasn’t right with Willow’s health, but were told that her symptoms were down to viral infections.

After a particularly unsettled night of Willow struggling with a temperature that could not be brought down, not wanting to eat, exhaustion and the appearance of blood spots on her face and body, Jess and Craig decided to attend A&E at Derby Royal Hospital on Thursday 9th March.

After a full set of blood tests they were sat down and it was explained to them that they were looking at Leukaemia being the likely cause of the symptoms that Willow was suffering.

The most unthinkable, biggest nightmare of any parent quickly became this lovely little families reality on Friday 10th March.

They were swept up in a whirlwind of tests and medical jargon, whilst trying to remain strong and positive for their gorgeous little girl, who just wanted to go home and play with her toys and her baby brother and juggling their time between being in hospital with their poorly little girl and having time at home with their 8 month old son Teddy.”

The team made up of family and friends will be taking part in the annual Copa Del CL tournament; a six-a-side tournament held at the home of England Football team St George’s Park, and will take place on Friday 13th October 2023.

Scott, who is Willow’s uncle, will be entering the tournament in October with a team made up of other family and friends who are all supporting Willow. Willlow’s Dad, Craig Tanser, and her grandad, Paul Tanser, will also be taking part in the tournament.

“The reason me and my family are doing the tournament is that if people before us didn’t raise money, Willow wouldn’t have as good a chance as she has, so we are just passing on the good deed.

We are pulling together as a family unit and trying to support Jess, Craig, Willow and Teddy through this tough time, whilst trying to raise as much money as possible to fight childhood Leukaemia, to try and help other future families to not have to go through what ours is.”