Cure Leukaemia are delighted to feature in the today’s report published by James O’Shaughnessy which undertakes a detailed review of the UK’s commercial clinical trials landscape.

The Government has recognised that there is significant work to do across the sector and has pledged £121million to deliver five upfront commitments which include make approving and setting up trials quicker, make it easier for people to find trials and to contact patients who could benefit from ground-breaking treatments, and create exemplars for delivering trials in key areas, such as cancer and infectious disease, to improve our delivery of all trials.

Alongside Accelerating Clinical Trials (ACT), we are proud to have been identified as a transformative model and a key component of the UK’s future trials infrastructure.

Cure Leukaemia Co-Founder Professor Charlie Craddock CBE echoed these sentiments and was proud to be involved in discussions with Lord O’Shaughnessy as part of the report.

“I think it is enormously exciting that Cure Leukaemia is cited in the O’Shaughnessy Clinical Trials report commissioned by the government by the Office for Life Sciences.”

“Philanthropy has a transformative role in developing new innovative, patient-facing investment. There can be no more effective investment than Cure Leukaemia’s funding with NHS Blood and Transport (NHS BT) and Anthony Nolan of ACT as Lord O’Shaughnessy highlights a real exemplar of excellence in innovation in clinical trial delivery that will, we hope, guarantee funding for these vital networks, but also make the UK a magnet for inward investment by global Pharma, allowing patients in the UK to see the most promising therapies under development across the world.

“So I think it’s a real testament to the Trustees, to the Chairman and to the Chief Executive of Cure Leukaemia who grasped this opportunity and I think it is a real testament to the ability of charities to drive fundamental change, to be nimble, to be innovative and always to be voicing what patients want and ardently desire, which is a better chance of life.

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