Krishna Chellappa, a clinical trials coordinator based at the haematology centre at The Christie in Manchester will join Team CL and take part in the Birmingham Great Run on Sunday 7th May.

Krishna works in the haematology centre at The Christie Hospital in Manchester, which is one of the 15 Trials and Acceleration Programme (TAP) Centres that Cure Leukaemia funds across the UK.


“As a clinical trials coordinator, I liase between our hosiptal’s clinical staff (E.g. Nurses, doctors, labs, etc.) and the trial sponsors in order to relay accurate and timely trial information in an efficient manner.
This job also involves setting up of various haematological trials at our site, act as the primary point of contact for sponsors, implement trial amendments, and maintain general trial conduct according to GCP guidelines.”

Having worked as a clinical trials coordinator, Krishna knows just how important the funds raised for Cure Leukaemia are and has seen first-hand the impact that clinical trials can have.


“Having had skin in the game with Haematological research for over 8 months now, I am a huge advocate for raising funds for such an amazing cause.
I have always had a passion for running as a sport, and I would like to certainly consider myself as an above-average runner!
Putting two and two together, I would certainly like to use my strengths to do some good in the world.”

Krishna is an avid runner but has spent the last two years recovering from an Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury which prevented him from running.

This will be the first big run he’s taken part in since the injury.

“It is an interesting mixture of excited and nervous at the same time for the same reason: I am running!
Excited for the fact that I get to competitively run with so much support, but also nervous as I am getting back to running after 2 years of recovering from an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Injury.
I feel this running fundraiser is a great and healthy excuse to get back on track with my fitness goals!”


He spoke about how he’s slowly getting back into training after his injury and is still having to take things slow.


“Post-ACL injury recovery, I am looking forward to training these next few months, and trying to get back to the same stamina and form I used to run in.
This involves a mix of gym days (leg days are the most difficult!) and long runs sprinkled across the week.”