A Deutsche Bank employee is heading Stateside twice in a month to take on two marathons in aid of Cure Leukaemia.

Julien Cazorla, who works in the Deutsche Bank Global Credit team in London, will embark on the Chicago Marathon on the first Sunday in October, followed by the New York event on November 4th.

And, having previously completed the London Marathon, that will be steps two and three on Julien’s bid to complete what is known as the ‘World Marathon Majors’, a set of six of the most renowned marathons in the world.

“I took up running, initially to keep fit, about four years ago.” he says.

“Three years ago, I ran my first marathon in Paris, encouraged by a friend who was running his first one as well, and it all seemed very daunting at first.

“But I pushed myself, and I was so happy when I crossed the finish line.

“At that stage I knew, that despite the pain, I had enjoyed the whole experience and journey to get there and would definitely be doing another one!

“So, a year later, it was the London Marathon, where I also did some fundraising, and now running has become a routine as well as offering me a great opportunity to explore the places which I travel to.

“I have since taken part in several other marathons across Europe, and like the fact that the journey to each finish line always feels different, but is equally as exciting!

Having completed the London Marathon, Julien then noticed that six events make up the ‘World Marathon Majors’, with Chicago and New York also on the list.

“I had just made it in for Chicago, and then decided to add in New York, and fundraise for Cure Leukaemia too.” Julien added.

“The two races are only four weeks apart, which will be tough as it takes time to fully recover from a marathon, and previously I have barely been able to walk for days after some of the races.

“But I have decided to take on the challenge, and also do the fundraising for a charity which I know is carrying out such pioneering work in striving to find a cure for blood cancer and in providing support to affected patients.

“Cure Leukaemia are one of Deutsche Bank’s Charities of the Year. Since the launch of the partnership, we have already seen first-hand their drive and determination, including with the recent Hackathon where people from many different countries came up with ideas for a new ground-breaking mobile app.

“Hopefully, I will be able to pick up a fair bit of support over the two events and raise a good amount of money for Cure Leukaemia.”

Click here to donate to Julien’s marathon effort: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/julienc