This weekend, Kate will be travelling to Berlin to take on the infamous Berlin marathon to raise vital funds for Cure Leukaemia.

Kate has decided to take on this challenge after sadly losing her Dad to Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.

“Cure Leukaemia understands the need for trials to improve the treatment of and eventually eradicate all forms of leukaemia.

When dad was in hospital, he was keen to be involved with any trials however, we were told there were not any.  Of course, it would have been a great beacon of hope if there was a trial that dad could participate in which is why I want it possible for others with these devastating diagnoses, in particular AML, to have access to drugs which may provide a better quality of life or even potentially lifesaving opportunities.

One the TAP centres is Guys Cancer Centre, London which is where I work as a radiographer. This makes me feel even more passionate about the charity as I see a lot of leukaemia patients at work.”

The Berlin Marathon will be Kates 5th marathon, and her 2nd this year after tackling the famous London Marathon earlier this year.


“Training as a whole has been good, but I was out recently for a week with a minor calf injury. I just rested and relaxed (which wasn’t easy!) for a week and I was able to pick things up where I left them! Since then, it’s not played up!

I spent some time at home too…it’s very hilly so training in the sun on that terrain should hopefully mean flat Berlin seems easier!! I’ve never had to train over a summer so that is proving tricky at times but hopefully it’ll benefit me.”

Kate has also set herself a very interesting additional challenge, and will be attempting a Guinness World Record and will be running the entire marathon in a hospital gown.


“I have decided to attempt the Guinness World Record of being the fastest woman to run a marathon dressed as a hospital patient.
Yes , this means I will be running through 42.2 km of streets in Berlin in a hospital gown!

I don’t think I’ve really thought through what it’s going to feel like spending hours running in a gown but I’ve no choice but to find out now, I hope the crowd carries me a bit too!

I wanted people to have more motivation to donate to charity and I think they all want to see photos which was incentive!
Gowns are instantly associated with illnesses too which would attract attention towards the charity.
Dad was fortunate enough to not have to wear gowns in hospital as he had myself, my mom, and my brother in with him all day everyday with selections of clothes for him that he had requested. Obviously once he came home, he didn’t have to worry about that! My Dad said he’d feel embarrassed and exposed in a gown hence my decision to run in one!”