We are pleased to announce that Cure Leukaemia has been selected as the new Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce President Nasir Awan’s chosen charity.

The GBCC will support Cure Leukaemia with a host of activities and initiatives – including fundraising at the annual dinner and awards on 15 February – throughout the year.

Nasir Awan said: “Cure Leukaemia is a charity that I have been following closely since one of our previous presidents, Steve Brittan, was diagnosed with leukaemia.

“Based here in Birmingham, Cure Leukaemia is the world leader in looking at cures and treatments, as well as training nurses who can administer the drugs, which is a very technical and highly-skilled operation.

“These nurses travel all over the world from Birmingham. The charity is putting Birmingham on the map by leading the fight against a horrible, degenerative and life-threatening disease which is affecting the people worldwide. I’m very proud that we in Birmingham are taking the lead.

“With Professor Charlie Craddock and Cure Leukaemia being based here, it seemed fitting that we should be supporting a charity that is based in Birmingham, reaches people all over the world and has an international reputation.”

Cure Leukaemia Chief Executive James McLaughlin said: “We are proud to be selected as the chosen charity for the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce for 2024.

“The charity was founded in Birmingham back in 2003, and will see us celebrate our 21st birthday next year, and in that time, we have seen incredible progress being made as we try and find a cure for blood cancer but the grim reality is that someone is diagnosed with a form of blood cancer every 14 minutes in the UK.

“However, 2024 will see a host of globally significant clinical trials launched to help improve the lives of blood cancer patients, not just in the UK, but across the world.

“It promises to be an exciting 12 months ahead of us as a charity with a number of exciting developments in the pipeline and we would like to thank the new GBCC president Nasir Awan for selecting us.

“We can’t wait to share how businesses across the region will be able to support blood cancer patients across the West Midlands and help us find a cure for blood cancer.”