Patient/caregiver volunteers required to support a clinical trial proposal for patients with AML

The UK AML expert community has for many years run national AML clinical trials which have been vital for transforming the care of UK patients diagnosed with AML.

The TAP Network are now developing a new clinical trial, which is looking to reduce side effects and improve tolerability of a current standard of care treatment (venetoclax and azacitidine) for patients with AML who are not undergoing intensive chemotherapy.

Currently, patients who start venetoclax and azacitidine will continue this treatment for as long as it is working. We plan to explore whether some patients who do really well on treatment could actually stop and be monitored closely – which we think would have positive impacts on quality of life.

We are keen to discuss the details of our trial proposal with AML patients and their caregivers so that we can better shape it to meet their needs. We are looking for volunteers who could join us for a 1-hour online meeting initially in November 2023 prior to our trial application submission in January 2024, and potentially to have ongoing involvement with the trial development if our application is successful.

We are looking for patients and caregivers who have lived experience of AML, especially (but not only) those who have also been treated with venetoclax and azacitidine. If this volunteering opportunity is something that interests you, please could you send your contact details to

Deadline for application: 31st October 2023