My week at Cure Leukaemia

Grace Pilsbury

It is a very exciting time here at Cure Leukaemia. As the Club Legends Cup, on Saturday 12th July, is just around the corner, the office is buzzing with meetings in order to have everything ready in time for the day. The football tournament will be one of the most memorable events for this inspirational charity.

Cure Leukaemia, my parent’s chosen charity, is an organisation extremely close to my heart. Seventeen years ago, my Mum was diagnosed with leukaemia. Having wanted a child for so long, only two years after I was born it looked extremely likely that her own life was about to be taken from her. I could never imagine being told by a specialist that you had only months to live, but this is exactly what my Mum had to endure. The odds looked increasingly against her, but she fought to have a child and now she knew she had to fight in order to see her grow up. The haematology team at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital who treated my Mum were phenomenal; they worked around the clock in order to keep her alive. Six months after being diagnosed with leukaemia in August 1996, having undergone four rounds of agonising chemo, and coming out of a coma that she slipped into on New Year’s Eve, my Mum went into remission.

The odds had finally turned and she was growing stronger each day. Remission lasted for five years with regular tests to ensure that the illness had not returned. The words we had all been longing for, the ‘all clear’, were ultimately granted to my Mum in the January of 2002. She said that ‘it was the most wonderful feeling in the world knowing that I have a second chance in life and I would be able to watch my beautiful little girl grow up’. My Mum is a fighter, and for that reason I have the greatest respect for her. She would not let cancer beat her, but not everyone is fortunate enough to be given this miracle.

The charity organises numerous events in order to support and raise money for patients with leukaemia. The Club Legends Cup, which is being held on Saturday 12th July at the LG Arena, is going to be a fantastic tournament with renowned ex-professional players returning to play for their former clubs. One of the legends taking part in the tournament is Darren Purse, who will be captaining Birmingham City. This Midlands team is being sponsored by my Dad’s company Stirling Business Solutions LTD. Although my Dad is actually a Wolves fan, due to their longstanding friendship, he has agreed (under protest) to sponsor the Blues. On the day, I have been given the opportunity to shadow the BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio presenter, Phil Upton. The excitement is building here in the office as the countdown has begun and last minute adjustments are being made to ensure that the day is a success.

Thank you to the entire team here at Cure Leukaemia for giving me this inspiring experience to work closely with them during the run up to one of the biggest events of the year. The team work incredibly hard to ensure that Cure Leukaemia is doing all that it can to support patients with this terrible life threatening illness. Without the people behind the scenes, this wonderful charity would not be the success that it is today, spreading awareness of the heartbreak that leukaemia can cause, and working tirelessly to raise money towards further research to save lives.  


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"By backing Cure Leukaemia you will be making a direct impact; helping hundreds of thousands of people live a better life and avoid unnecessary suffering and death."

George Freeman MP
"By backing Cure Leukaemia you will be making a direct impact; helping hundreds of thousands of people live a better life and avoid unnecessary suffering and death."

George Freeman MP